Feb 21, 2018 by: Hina Shaikh

Want Miracle? Try MIRABELLE!

MIRABELLE means beautiful nature, amazing beauty.
Let your search for a secret solution that gives a never-before-seen glowing and radiant skin ends here. Start using MIRABELLE’s natural facial mask packs. In the cosmetic Industry, MIRABELLE is a kingpin in offering Korea’s best-selling sheet masks. The masks that have been made by soaking in herbal and powerful beauty ingredients are a “carte_du_jour” version of fairness creams available in different cosmetic shops.
It’s time to explore the collection of MIRABELLE’s fairness sheet masks to hydrate, clear and brighten skin for a glowing complexion.

How to use?
Wash the face with normal water and wipe with towel, gently apply the facial mask on the entire face.
Relax for 10 to 20 minutes and then discard the mask.
Tap gently on the face to absorb the remaining essence. Do not wash the face again.
Feel the difference of your face beauty which is equal to one bottle of essence used.

Product description
Dull Skin – Mirabelle Herbs Fairness Facial Mask
Contains various extracts of Lavender, Lily, Rosemary and Chamomile. Helps refine the skin texture and keep the skin pure and clear.

My Views
So today i tried mirabelle herbs fairness facial mask, and the result was quite amazing.
The masks left my skin intensely HYDRATED and GLOWING.
It has mild pleasent smell.
As with other sheet masks i had fitting problem, but this one fits properly.
I kept this mask for 30mins, but still the mask was wet.
And there was allot of serum left out in the pack, which i applied on my hands and feet.
I highly recommend it to all the beauties out there, do give it a try.

These masks are unisex.
Specially designed for Indian skin beauties.
Its a no 1 k mask, Made in korea.
Price Rs 99/-
Shelf life is 3years from the date of manufacturing.
Its 100% cotton mask.
Non Animal testing.