Feb 01, 2018 by: Takshila


  • For ANY and ALL Skin Types.


  • Extracts from natural ingredients deliver rich nutrients to the skin and provide intense moisture and fairness.
  • Specially designed for Indian Skin.
  • Suitable for both, men and women.
  • Made in Korea.


  • The Sheet is made of 100 % Hypoallergenic Cotton, the material is dense and sturdy, unlike other sheet masks in the same price range which are flimsy and tear easily. The Sheet of Mirabelle masks is on par with high end quality masks.
  • On my face, the masks sit desirably and I have no complaints regarding the fit or the cut outs of these masks.
  • Each Mask had its own exclusive fragrance! The scents are quite natural, considering that the ingredient list has a high number of natural extracts, and not overwhelming or too strong.
  • The packaging of these masks is alluring, bright and vivid. I love the white background and the pretty pictures of the Key Ingredient on top.
  • The Masks come in a pack of 5, with the outer packing made of cardboard, same design printed on the outside as on the mask packaging inside.


  • Leave it on for anywhere between 10-30 minutes.
  • Pop it in the fridge pre use for extra soothing and cooling. I find it also increases the wear of the mask.
  • Pat the mask onto your face, use the leftover serum in the packet to apply on your neck and ears. (There’s quite enough in this one)
  • Upon taking off the mask, gently pat in the leftover serum.
  • Do not wash your face after.

 MY RATING : 5/5 

PRICE : ?99 / 1 Mask and ?495/ Pack of 5.


  • If you want to purchase ONE piece at ?99 each, then you can purchase it from here Mirabellecosmetics Website.
  • If you want to purchase the Pack of 5 at ?495, you can get it from here  Amazon.


  • There are 6 variants and I got to try all 6 of them!
  • I used them over a period of 2 weeks because I wanted to figure out for how long does the effect of each mask last. So instead of using a mask each day, I used it every other day.
  • Surprisingly, the effect of these masks lasts for about 2 days!
  • The first time I used a mask, I took it off after 30 minutes and immediately regretted taking it off! The mask was still pretty wet with serum and was still adhering to my face.
  • The following times, I left the mask on for about 50-60 minutes and even then the mask didn’t slip, fall or dry out. Upon squeezing the sheet, there was still leftover serum!(recommended is 20 mins)
  • My sense of smell is quite prominent, which means when I love a fragrance I adore it! But if something isn’t pleasant to me, I absolutely can not tolerate it for even a minute. Thankfully, the fragrance in each variant is marvelous! It’s like my Skin Therapy extended into Aroma Therapy. Splendidly soothing and relaxing.
  • The masks left my skin intensely HYDRATED and GLOWING! The tone and texture of my skin improved with each use and the natural extracts contributed to making my skin more supple and bouncy.
  • Each mask has a KEY ingredient which is prime and has a special effect based on the Goodness of each Key ingredient.
  • These masks are the champions in the league of “Affordable / Budget” Masks! 
  • I have nothing nice to say about The Faceshop, Dear Packer and Innisfree Sheet Masks which are in the same price range. Basically, these AMAZING masks from Mirabelle Cosmetics Korea are a MUST BUY and MUST HAVE!
  • As much as I love using fancier and expensive masks once or twice a week – for pampering myself with a LUXE mask- it’s ideal to mask every single day or as often as possible, for the best skin! And it’s wonderful to have such good quality and effective masks that are so affordable to be able to use multiple times a week without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Not only do they have a great fit, but also an array of natural ingredients that are beneficial for any and all skin types, plus, the material is of high quality too

 These Are All The Variants Available and WHAT’S GOOD :

  • #1. PAPAYA Fairness Facial Mask contains various extracts of Papaya, Evening Primrose seed, Paenia Lactiflora root, Ginseng root and others. Has lots of vitamins that enhances skin elasticity and provides moisture. Has a fruity scent. Especially Suitable for Dry, Damaged and Dull Skin.

  • #2. BERRIES Contains various extracts of Grape, Pomegranate, Acai berry and Blueberry. Gives vitality and elasticity to dull skin. Actually smells of BERRIES! ♥ Especially Suitable for Dry, Sensitive, Ageing and Mature Skin.

  • #3. HERBS Contains various extracts of Lavender, Lily, Rosemary and Chamomile. Helps refine the skin texture and keep the skin pure and clear. Contains the scintillating scent of Lavender. Especially Suitable for Uneven Skin Tone and Texture.

  • #4. ALOE VERA Contains abundant moisture to balance oil and water in your skin. Helps moisturize and soothe sensitive skin. This one has a mild refreshing scent. Especially Suitable for Oily, Acne Prone and Sun Burnt / TanneSkin.

  • #5. LEMON LIME Contains complex lime extract that helps get your skin a bright and clear complexion. Provides vitality to your skin with intensive Brightening care effect.The fragrance of this mask is my absolute favourite! The burst of lemony freshness is amazing. Especially Suitable for Blemished and Lacklustre Skin.

  • #6. CUCUMBER Contains mixed extract of Cucumber, Pumpkin and Apple. Allows moisture to pass through the skin and keeps the skin tone clear and bright. Smells like Cucumbers. Especially Suitable for Oily Skin and Irritated Skin.


  • These masks are THE BOMB and the BEST in this price range.
  • Each Variant has an ingredient list loaded with the Goodness of Natural extracts.
  • These masks deliver intense moisture and leave your skin looking luminous and beaming!
  • Budget Daily Masking at its FINEST.
  • Super affordable.
  • They don’t srink of alcohol
  • They don’t sting my sensitive skin.
  • No adverse reaction to any of of the Variants.
  • I love them as much as I despise Innisfree and The Faceshop masks.


  • There’s a variant for anyone and everyone!
  • These masks are suitable to all skin types. You can use all or any variant that you like. I recommend you try out all the 6 types.
  • These masks are your best pick for Daily Masking.