Mirabelle's Miraculous Fairness Facial Masks

Let your search for a secret solution that gives a never-before-seen glowing and radiant skin ends here. Start using MIRABELLE’s natural facial mask packs. In the cosmetic Industry, MIRABELLE is a kingpin in offering Korea's best-selling sheet masks. The masks that have been made by soaking in herbal and powerful beauty ingredients are a “carte_du_jour” version of fairness creams available in different cosmetic shops.

It’s time to explore the collection of MIRABELLE’s fairness sheet masks to hydrate, clear and brighten skin for a glowing complexion.

Kim Chong Kun

Chairman's Message

"Fair and Beautiful People Around Us" is our motto. We consider beauty as a science that can be nurtured with cosmetic innovation. Our passion for cosmetic innovations assists us in improving the well-being, confidence, and self-esteem of people.

In the beauty industry, we have become an established player by meeting the demands and desires of beauty conscious people around the world. With the establishment of solid business connections with domestic and international clients, the company is on the growth projectile.

As beauty is an endless quest, innovation is essential. By pushing back the limits we are finding new ways to create cosmetic facial masks that bring out the real beauty in each. With the articulation of clear and concise development strategies, we have joined the race to become the number one cosmetic company of the world.


MIRABELLE means beautiful nature, amazing beauty.

MIRABELLE is constantly studying to bring out the natural beauty of the skin.

MIRABELLE eliminate harmful ingredients and make products
that can be used by everyone by using raw materials obtained from nature.

You can feel the wonderful nature.

MIRABELLE continue to research the skin and develop products that are suitable for a variety of skin types.