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What are mask sheets?

A sheet literally cut in the shape of your face packed with potent ingredients; when gently placed onto your face hydrates, tones and firms your facial skin and gives you fairness too.

Why mask sheets?

The ingredients in the sheet are essentially ‘pushed’ or ‘penetrated’ into the skin and the sheet actually serves as a barrier, preventing some of the hydrating ingredients from evaporating. Essences are absorbed into your skin and the moisture is locked in within an average of 20 minutes, and of course instant gratification. Masks treat a variety of skin flaws… with the promise of immediate results and hence attract today’s customers.

Mask sheets are actually an inexpensive, easy to use and time saving alternative to frequent spa facials.

How to use mask sheets?

Cleanse your face with water and dry thoroughly. Slowly unfold the mask sheet and place the mask onto your face. The masks are one-size-fits-all; hence our masks are suitable for all face structures. Start at the forehead and line up with the eyes so you don’t get an air pocket. Pat the mask onto the cheeks, moving down toward the chin so that your eyes, nose, and mouth are aligned with the proper openings. Pat the remaining essence of the mask pack (if any) into face, neck and hands too until fully absorbed. Leave on, for about 10-20 minutes. Even though the Mask doesn’t dry even after 10-20 minutes, you gently remove the mask as the serum would’ve reached a threshold of penetration, so very little is to be gained from having the material on the skin longer. It’s not necessary to wash your hands and face after application. You can leave the serum on as your moisturizer for the day.

Can I reuse the mask sheet?


Mask sheets are for single use only.

After wearing Mirabelle Fairness Facial Mask for about 10-20 minutes, you should discard the Mask. But if you feel the wet nature still in Mask sheet, you can very well wipe the mask in your hands and legs for moisturizing.

Should I wash my face and hands after removing the mask?

It’s not necessary to wash your hands and face after removing the mask. You can leave the serum on as your moisturizer for the day.

What are the different types of mask sheets to suit various skin types?

All Skin Types – Any type of Mirabelle FAIRNESS Facial Mask.

We comfort you by providing 6 product varieties.

Here is the range of Mirabelle Fairness Facial Masks…

  • Dry, Sensitive, Aging and Mature Skin - Mirabelle Berries Fairness Facial Mask
  • Oily, Acne prone, Sun burntSkin - Mirabelle Aloe Vera Fairness Facial Mask
  • Grimes, Dirt skin - Mirabelle Lemon Lime Fairness Facial Mask
  • Oily, Dull Skin - Mirabelle Cucumber Fairness Facial Mask
  • Dull Skin - Mirabelle Herbs Fairness Facial Mask
  • Dry, Damaged and Dull Skin - Mirabelle Papaya Fairness Facial Mask

Where can I buy Mirabelle Cosmetics products?

Mirabelle Cosmetics products are available at multiple outlets as general stores in your city, exclusive stores, and online store. At online store you can place orders and receive Mirabelle products at your door step. To order online, please visit http://www.mirabellecosmetics.com or call our toll free number.

Why do Men need face mask sheets?

Skin care is not patented for Women alone. Men should also care for it. The sebaceous glands & sweat glands in Men are stronger than women, also skin acidity and therefore they secrete more sweat & sebum. Sheet masks, is a solution for them to become fresh & dynamic.